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Your new civic address is located on your tax notice directly under the legal land location. These numbers are registered with 911 and can be used for emergency services instead of your legal land location. Please remember to update your security systems with the new civic address! 

All of these numbers were created on a uniform numbering system in conjunction with the Province of Saskatchewan Civic Address Registry (CAR). At this time, the information is not shared with third party services, (google maps, UPS, Canada Post, Purolator). The RM computer system has also been updated with these civic addresses and we can search for your location by that number.  

Lake residents may have noticed a blue sign at the access to your property with a 4 digit number. If your property does not have a sign, it will be installed before winter. The beach roads were renamed to correspond with their beach name, and the road name signs will also be installed before winter. The number on your property and the road name creates your new civic address. Example, the number on your lot is 1234 and you are at Nelson Beach, your new civic address is “1234 Nelson Beach Drive”.  

Ag residents, all occupied farmyards will be getting a similar blue sign with either a 5 or 6 digit number, and the Township or Range Road the yard is on. These numbers were determined based off the location of the yard on the quarter section. The RM hopes to get the signs installed before winter but cannot guarantee that all the yards will get done this year. Utility locates will be done prior to installation. If you notice locate markers at the end of your driveway, please do not remove them.  

A reminder that you cannot tamper with the civic address signs or posts. If you are unhappy with the location of the sign, please call the office and we will work with you. No other signage can be installed on the post that the civic addressing is on. 

If you have any questions regarding civic addressing, please call the office or email [email protected].